Unfunded Mandates

One of Rep. Burns' highest priorities in 2019 was House Joint Resolution 30. HJR 30 would have addressed the epidemic of unfunded mandates being handed down to municipalities and local governments from the state legislature. These unfunded mandates come in the form of directives to local governments that require some form of revenue expenditure.

While the state often passes laws and regulations that require money to implement, many times they do allocate sufficient funding from state funds to pay for these mandates. This places the burden on local government to provide sufficient funds to meet state directives. While sometimes unintentional, these unfunded mandates often require local governments to raise tax revenue to cover expenses.

HJR 30 would have addressed this issue by requiring the state to allocate sufficient funds for all mandates imposed on local governments. This would be a crucial tool in reducing taxes and easing the weight of ever-increasing taxes that continue to impact citizens across our state. While HJR was ultimately successful in passing through the Texas House, the Texas Senate chose not to address this legislation.

Rep. Burns will continue to fight to ease the tax burden for the citizens of Bosque and Johnson Counties, and he will also pursue this legislation again in the future.