2nd Amendment

During the 84th legislative session, Rep. Burns co-authored House Bill 910, a landmark piece of legislation also known as the "Open Carry" bill. Now enacted into law, the bill expands the scope of a license to carry a concealed handgun to include the ability to carry openly so long as the gun is holstered. Since Texas was one of the few states that completely prohibited the open carry of a handgun, Rep. Burns believed it was time to remove the restriction to better comply with the 2nd Amendment and bring state law more in line with the values most of us share as Texans.

And during the 85th legislative session, Rep. Burns helped pass a bill eliminating all application fees for first-time or permit renewal applicants for a handgun license in Texas. Before this legislation, a handgun license was $140. It will now be $40 . This includes an open carry license. Renewals for these licenses were $70 and will now also be $40. A handgun license of $140 was one of the highest fees in the country, with only Illinois and Arkansas being higher. This new law slashes that fee by over 70%.